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The reason I created this podcast is to give voice and share the stories of Executive Directors and NGO leaders, their missions and their impact on the world.

As a Social Entrepreneur and Executive Director, I find that there are not enough opportunities to share goodness with the world. So, I figure as a growth hacker, digital media is a powerful voice and a podcast would be a great way we could all grow together .

The podcast structure is pretty simple.

If you are a non-profit professional we want to discuss your non-profit journey, what you have learned along the way and what you wish someone had told you. 

You will also have the opportunity to share about your non-profit, it's mission, and yes, at the end of the podcast you WILL be able to share how listeners can donate to your worthy endeavor.

So.... that's my story and I look forward to hearing yours! 

With appreciation,



Janne Kouri--Executive Director of Next Step Fitness which makes life-changing rehab accessible and affordable to those living with paralysis .

Scott Goldstein--Executive Director of EmpowerED which elevates the voices of diverse DC teacher leaders to promote a more equitable education system for all DC kids.
Sarah Stern--Executive Director of School House which provides adult education to refugees, asylum seekers, and individuals with limited education backgrounds.
Deborah Meyer--Executive Director of Moving Traditions which emboldens Jewish teens by fostering self-discovery, challenging sexism, and building connection to Jewish life.
Curt Yagi-- Executive Director of Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.) which develops social emotional skills, and strong academic behaviors for more than 600 kids in San Francisco.
Erin Zaikis--Executive Director of the Sundara Fund which fights prevented hygiene related deaths and disease by establishing and running sustainable soap recycling operations with women in Africa and Asia.
Alon Meltzer--Executive Director of Shalom Sydney which increases the vibrancy of the Sydney Jewish Community.
David S. DeLugas--Executive Director of the National Association of Parents dba Parent's USA which serves 160 million parents and their children to preserve and support the parent-child relationship based upon constitutional rights.
Natalie Treat--Executive Director of C-10 which monitors and advocates for the safety of Seabrook Station nuclear power plant in order to protect public health and the environment in Massachusetts.
Rachel Gildiner--Executive Director of Gather DC which connects and engages Jewish 20s and 30s to each other, to existing Jewish offerings, and to meaningful expressions of Jewish Identity.
Ariella Rosen--Executive Director of PresenTense Israel which creates impact from the bottom up to diversify "startup nation" and level the playing field by using tools of entrepreneurship.
Chien-Chi Huang--Executive Director of Asian Women for Health which advances Asian women's health and well-being through education, advocacy, and support which has an upcoming fashion show benefit where all of the models are Asian cancer/trauma survivors or Asian women with mental illness.
Chien-Chi Huang--Executive Director of Chicago Hillel which enriches the lives of Jewish students and young adults so that they may enrich the Jewish people and world.